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Marina Square Basement

These are 3 accounts of the experiences of women who happened to be at the toilet. There are 2 toilets at the basement in Marina Square. One is located at where u come in from Raffles City (beside some eateries) and another below the Golden Village cinema. Judging from the descriptions, I believe it is the latter one. The toilet is built such that the door is directly along the corridor so when people passes by they can easily look inside to see girls combing their hair or doing makeup.

I went to the gents there several times too and fortunately my gf never entered hers (I active bladder but she’s not). The toilet is situated at one corner after a pizza stall, on the left just after u come down of the escalator beside Long John Silver. Anyway these are the 3 incidents… Up to u to believe or not.

It was during the “Hungry ghost festival” that I encountered this strange happening. I was at the toilet at about 7pm and while I am in the cubicle, I heard a lady’s coughing sound (the sound was like someone clearing her throat). So I thought that lady outside was trying to warn me that she was outside so that when I came out I wouldn’t be caught in an alarm!! But the strange thing is that when I came out of the cubicle, no one else is in the toilet beside me.

At that time I did not think that much but just continue doing my stuff(combing my hair). Then my boyfirend pass by the female toilet and I look out and smile to him and he went away. After I finish combing my hair, I went out and meet up with him. He then asked me a very strange question “U alone in the toilet?”. Well I answered “Yes, why?”. He then say “But I saw a lady wearing white tube top beside u”. My respond was a huge and frightened “Huh??? then I clinged on to him and we left quickly. So be careful when you gers go to that toilet…………

NOTE: This was written after this anonymous reader read the first account above. my friend encountered something alike….she used the carpark toilet at marine square and she heard someone bang her toilet door…..when she opened the door, she saw no one and the toilets beside her were emptied…y must someone bang her cubicle door then since the rest are emptied? She asked her bf, but her bf said he did not bang her door…… gee..scary..better avoid this one even if it’s not true…

NOTE: Most recent account, after the writer read the two accounts above. (Though the incident happened long ago) Oh yeah! One of my friends do told me about this encounter too! It was happened 2 years ago…..She went shopping with her boyfriend at Marina Square one weekend and was around 8pm that they decided to go home. She went to the carpark toilet to answer her emergency call while her boyfriend waited outside.

When she was in the cuticle, she heard some funny sound…. something like foot dragging sound when walking. She thought maybe it was somebody else dragging the feet… Then she heard the sound louder & louder…. and this time, she can heard someone sighing! It was like a woman feeling very depressing. When she opened the cuticle door and talk a look…. Nobody….

Could the woman has left? So fast?? But she didn’t take it to heart, she washed her hands and trying to make some touching up on her make up…. “Ling? Are you OK?” Her boyfriend yelling at her outside the ladies toilet and pouting out his head to look in.

“I am fine, dear! Will be ready in minutes…” She replied smiling sweetly at him. But, there was an unusual look from her boyfriend eyes as if he is trying very hard to figure out something. She immediately packed up her accessories and run to him, for fear of anger him on being to long in the toilet.

“I am very sorry, dear. Please don’t be angry….” she trying to apologize. Her boyfriend looked at her and then directly into the ladies toilet where she was standing repeatedly……. Her boyfriend looks really frighten her, she cried. Her boyfriend suddenly pulled her away and ran off as fast as they could without looking back.

Till they reached City Hall Starbucks….. My friend asked him what happened? Why he turned so pale after she came out from toilet? At first, her boyfriend refused to talk about anything on the toilet incident and what he saw, but after much persuading, he told her…..”I saw a lady with hair as long as you, wearing all white…. looking at you while you putting on your lipstick…..” He paused. My friend frozen, she declared that she didn’t see anyone beside her! She was all alone in the toilet!

Her face turned even more pale and her limbs were all numbed when her boyfriend poured out the reason on why his expression was strange when she come out of the toilet. He said that the lady all look the same as her except her white clothes…. even her…… face….!!! The next thing I know of was, she was suffering a state shock for a month. And her boyfriend having MC for 2 weeks……

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