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Ghost Daughter

A lady and her husband due to unexplained situation aborted her baby at one time in their life. Perhaps it was due to financial reasons but the reason was never revealed. After a few years later, they decided to try for a baby but with no avail. Chinese believed that abortion needed to be done in a careful manner with prayers to ease the infant spirit especially if the fetus has already formed its shape. However, the lady and her husband failed to perform any prayers for their unborn child at that time as they did not know that rituals needed to be done.

On one afternoon while the lady waited for her friends for tea at a local restaurant, she could suddenly feel something brushing against her leg. As she was wearing skirt at that time, she thought that the wind must be blowing but after second thoughts, she looked under the table to see if there was anything. She saw nothing. Again, she suddenly felt the brush and peered under the table. Nothing was underneath and when she felt the brush for the third time, she suddenly thought of her unborn child. Could that brush be her unborn child? She thought to herself ?Child, if you are really my child then brush my leg again? and as she finished thinking, she felt a brush on her leg. Excitedly, she thought to herself again ?Child, if you are really my unborn child, reveal yourself? and she unveiled the table cloth to see a very cute little girl peering up at her with her black brown eyes clinging on to her feet.

Soon, she brought back her unborn child to her house where she pampered her ghost daughter with toys she bought from stores. As days passed by, her husband realized her oddity and thought that the stress of wanting to be pregnant has gotten into her. It did not occur to him at all that his wife was playing with their ghost daughter and refused to believe in ghost until he met the young Buddhist monk at a local temple. At this point, the young Buddhist monk immediately felt that something was wrong with his family and asked to be brought to their house.

The young Buddhist monk immediately felt a presence and could see the ghost daughter hiding behind her mother with the young Buddhist monk explained to the couple the importance of going to the temple. Yet again, the husband did not believed the young Buddhist monk. Not until one night he woke to find his wife missing. When he found her in the bathroom, he saw that she was laughing and playing in the bathtub with someone invisible. The next day, he contacted the young Buddhist monk to seek for help. The young Buddhist monk immediately arrived at their house and both of them managed to convince the lady and her ghost daughter to visit the temple.

On the way there, the young Buddhist monk could see that the lady was piggy-back riding her ghost daughter and asked the lady if she always felt backache. The lady replied yes. The young Buddhist monk thought to herself, ?Little Child, why are making your mother to piggy back you?? At that point of time, the little child turned her head 180 degrees to look at the young Buddhist monk and told her that it was none of her business. The young Buddhist monk immediately apologized and the little child turn her head back front.

As soon as the lady stepped into the temple, she realized that her daughter was missing and as the chief Buddhist explained to the couple the situation she heard her daughter crying telling the lady that they meant to harm her. The lady panicked and screamed to everyone that she was not about to let anyone harm her daughter again and ran away from the temple.

After this incident, the young Buddhist monk never saw the couple again although she heard that the lady has already gone crazy

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