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The Old Police Academy

I served my NS in police force, thus my training term was served inside Police Academy (now Old Police Academy). In PA there are quite a few coys, my time was around late 2004 till mid 2005.
I was in Delta coy, while a friend stayed at Bravo coy. Delta coy was 3-storeys high and had toilets at each floor catering to two bunks. Bravo coy was more freaky cos the whole coy shared a common large toilet beside their coy, and above the toilet was the rooftop that can be accessed through Bravo Coy lvl 2. One incident i saw myself was actually when a squad just moved into the top-most bunk above my squad. We were also assisting them cleaning out the place when one of them exclaimed and pointed to the bed on the upper deck. (we slp on double deck beds.)

we crowded over and saw that there was a super distinct footprint on the bed. only one footprint, and it was a veri veri small footprint, resembling that of a toddler, if not baby. Now we noe that sometimes u can make that imprint using ur clenched fist and fingers, however, all of us knew from one look that the footprint was nothing like those being done with our hands. There is DEFINITELY no babies or toddlers in any nearby vicinity, (it’s Police Academy), and quite a few people were in the room at that time. Before one of my squadmate could gather more people to see, one guy just flattened out the bedsheet and removed the imprint. Most didnt make any noise, and quickly left to do their own things. It was mid-day btw.

There were other sightings that had made this footprint rather eerie. Some of us discussed later, and one of my squadmate who often woke up in the middle of the night and talked to himself, told us of his sightings. In fact, more than a few people had seen flashes and images of an elderly woman carrying a baby in her hand, wandering around in different spots of our Delta coy. Sometimes with her would be a small girl aged about 7-8. Some also say that this elderly can be seen in wee hour of the morning walking around PA selling something. forgot wad is it le. something edible la.

My this squadmate who talks to himself, was not those attention seekers nor braggers. but he did tell us that mostly he was asking for ‘space’ and asking ‘them’ to stop disturbing him. Bravo Coy has a bunk nearest to Delta coy, that is always vacant. I asked my friend in Bravo coy, who told me that rumors is of the ‘haunted’ bunk managed to ‘throw’ everyone off their beds every night when they slpt, both upper and lower decks of the bed. The instructor back then initially refused to believe until one of the guy went crazy and ran around the rooftop above the toilet in the middle of the night, screaming. He was sent to IMH later on. From then on they stopped allocating squads to stay that specific bunk.

ECHO coy, the coy seperated from all the other coy and has bunks that housed only 4/6 people, more like rooms, is said to be most eerie and haunted. This was because they are like located in a middle of a jungle, and there’s a large well in between the coy and the path leading from the main coy areas to Echo coy. A very large tree grows over the well and sort of covered the well, so it’s not so visible or prominent. The well is also boarded up liaoz. But yea, i heard that echo coy rooms has some symbols and religious items pasted outside their windows above, only for those that was facing the well.
Of course numerous sightings of the lady in red from the well were seen from Echo coy mainly.

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