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Longkang 6 Mystery

The story was way back in 1994 during June`s monsoon season. My 1st brother, at that time was at the age of 18 still a teenager. He likes to play soccer and going out with his favourite buddies. Despite of those activity he & his buddies also like fishing and be a fishermen. So he & his buddies decide to go fishing and netting at Longkang 6(drain 6) situated at East Coast Park Service Road opposite Laguna National Golf Course. The drain runs towards the big sea of the whole stretch of East Coast. So usually during the years, 10p.m. at night every streetlight will be shut off & left the whole entire drain to become very dark. So my brother came around 9p.m. with his friend Bong. It was high tide at that time with a little bit of drizzle & a combination of mist. The sea breez was also fantastic at that night. The moon was totally gone from the skies. Around 9 plus some of those angler fishing, have began to start packing up their rods & call it a day. By 10, all the lights of longkang 6, shuts off and no one was around accept my brother and Bong only left behind. So they start fishing as soon as the lights shuts off. After fishing for 1/2 an hour at the end of the longkang on the right path they heard a lady crying or wailing behind them. So they began to look at each others face & hope for the better. After a while the wailing stops. So they began their next phase of fishing and that is netting for tiger prawns. So my brother hang a big torchlight on the drains railing to brighten up their work. So the net was placed 5 metres away from the shore, than they headed towards the shore & continue their fishing journey. It was after midnight & they started to have their nightsnack & a strong coffee to prevent them from sleepiness. Around 2 in the morning the tide`s getting lower, they decide to bring up their catches, suddenly they bring up the net with hundreds of prawns without the skin attach to it. So they began to feel strange & wonder who might have peel off the prawns skin? Suddenly more frightening things happened, their fulled battery torchlight switched off. So they heads the shore with their nets left the prawns & starts packing up. While packing up, Longkang 6 started to rain quite heavily, & it happen again but this time the sand began to raise up in the air & the wailing continues. So they rush packing up their rods and stuff. They head their way to Bedok Jetty food court besides East Coast Lagoon & start to story about what just happened on longkang 6. So its quite a remarkable to go & experience the spot.

But my 2nd brother ever told me about the Longkang 6, its a plce where couple make love & romance. There was a couple, trying to have a good time there & while romancing in the dark, they saw another couple at the edge of Longkang 6 sitting & trying to get up, suddenly while getting up, the couple at the edge was tall as a coconut tree but more strange happen the couple suddenly gone & appear several times infront of those innocent couple. So the couple start their bike & split from the madness that they`ve just saw.

So now in the year of 2004, it`s my turn to fish at Longkang 6 but nothing happen to me, it was just fine & quite eerie at night due to the forested area between Longkang 6. I think it may be haunted alone at night but when you are out there than you can feel the scariness out of it. Only God knows it.

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