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Azurai Ancient Graves

It was a dark gloomy night in Japan. I was there for a holiday with my friends. We were at the countryside near Mt. Fuji and were staying in a deserted wooden hut which was in shambles. We would certainly prefer staying in a hotel, but unfortunately, our car had broken down and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Our group, three girls and three guys, were extremely cold and had to put on a few more layers to keep warm. It was about – 10 degrees.

I and the two other girls went out to the well to get water from the dilapitated well way behind the hut to boil as we were extremely thirsty. In ten minutes we were there. I was a little freaked out as it was very dark and there was no one but us and there was a very strange feeling around us out of the sudden. “Hey, hurry draw the water! this place… is… weird!!” said Joanne. She was pale already. Suddenly, a white object came floating down. It had long white hair which reached the ground. We shrieked and turned around to run for the house. Then, we realised Joanne was missing.

The other girl, Shawna, and i clutched each other in fear. We made our way slowly to the well. We saw Joanne in the inside of the well, screaming for help as she hung to the hooks of the well. Then, the guys appeared. “Hey Leon. Hurry pull her up! She can’t hang on.” Shawna yelled to them. They rushed to the well and pulled Joanne up. Joanne collapsed on the ground. “A… white… thiiinng… ghost…” she murmurred. Leon, Jack and Alex grinned guiltily. ” YOU!!??” i screamed catching on to what their guilty faces. ” er…er… yah.. er… we put… this white sheet and mask… with a mop head… er… are you angry? You girls were really freaked out…”Jack said nervously as he knew we were angry with him for this trick. ” Alex? Are you in this too?” i asked accusingly. Alex smiled sheppishly. “AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” i and Shawna screamed. We pulled Joanne up and stalked to the house. The guys looked at each other and took after us.

In the house, Joanne, Shawna and I were not speaking to the guys and blantanly refused to look at them. The guys were whispering nervously. Then, the guys stood up. “er.. hey.. we’re sorry ok? Don’t be angry lor. Sorry?” Jack offered. “Yeah’, Alex started.” we –

The next thing we knew, the door swung open. A wailing “thing” glided in. It had a monstrous head with one eye, and it was flying near the ceiling in circles! We all screamed and ran to each other. I clutched Alex and screamed while Alex looked pale. Shawna had fainted already and Leon was screaming for help. Joanne and Jack were at the furthest corner of the room hiding themselves under a huge towel. The “thing” floated around the room. All of us grabbed our bags and ran for our jeep. We locked ourselves in. Jack tried to start them car and miraculously, it worked! He stepped on the escalating pedal and we shot off. Then i noticed a sign we passed. ” Graves of the Ancient” was the road name translated in EnglisH!!!! I casted a fearful look at the sign and squeaked in horror. Then i closed my eyes and waited for the place to be out of sight. I never wanted to remember that horrible place.

Three hours later, we reached a small town and lodged in a motel. This old lady we spoke to about what had happened nodded seriously and said, “That place is haunted. Many ppl had died there when they were fighting against monsters three hundred years ago. The ‘thing’ you saw was Azarai, the king monster’s son!”

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