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Who Has Called Me?

I had two very strange same encounters that till now I still can’t figure it out and find them very weird. These two encounters happened in year 2002 and the second encounter just happened a few months after the first one. Let me relate the incidents once again.

The first encounter had happened a year ago and I still find it freaky. At that time, I was still studying for my diploma. It was just a normal day for me until I received this call from my friend, Max. This is how it started.

In the early afternoon, my friend Max had called ‘me’ to ask me out together with another friend Dom and I agreed. But later on when they tried to call me to state the venue, I didn’t pick up. Shortly after that, ‘I’ called one of them back and suggested meeting them at Bugis instead of Orchard as they were there. So they have no problem with that and said that they would call me once they reached Bugis. Hence, everything was set.

Here comes the weird part. I think is around 2 to 3pm that I received Max’s call and he told me they had reached Bugis and asked me where I am. At first, I was shocked and was trying to figure what he was talking about. Then I just told him I was at home and was preparing to go to school and they were surprised. Anyway, I was told that they actually called the right number from their phonebook but the only thing is that my voice was a bit lower and not much difference in it. Thus, my friends never suspected anything. After telling me what has happened in the last few hours. I explained to them that all along I had been bathing and while I was bathing I couldn’t call them it was impossible. Although I saw the missed calls been displayed it was only until I had dressed up then I called them.

At that moment all of us just kept silence as we don’t know how to express ourselves and I felt goose bumps.

As for the second encounter, it was much similar to the first one and happened only 5 months later. I could still remember that it was a Saturday evening and I was with my friend Geraldine swimming at my house. Both of my friends, Dom and Pauline called me up to go for a drink at the One Fullerton with the other friends as well. Geraldine and I were alright with it so I just told them that we would meet them there at around 9pm.

After swimming, Geraldine and I went for our dinner near my place which is around 7 plus. We were eating halfway through when Pauline called up and asked me where we were. So I jus told them we were still eating and told her that we might be late and told them to order their drinks first. Pauline was puzzled by the things I had said as she told me that Dom and her were at my house at that time. She said that I actually called her and asked if Dom could pick Geraldine and me up as I am not driving. Moreover, the name appeared in the handphone was mine and it was my voice. The moment I heard her saying that, I got a very strange feeling and I told her I didn’t make the call at all. The very last called that I made was the one that I told them where and what time to meet. Anyway, I just told them to go the cafe first and would catch up with them later.

Once we reached there, all of us were just discussing the both encounters again and couldn’t find any logical answer to it. We were all very stunned and felt scared.

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