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Store Room

This story was related by my younger brother and till today, he cannot explained what happened.

He was working as a trainee manager at Denny’s Restaurant (24 hour joint) at Orchard Tower. (He is no longer working there, not because of the incident but because there is a better prospect else where.

It was early in the morning around 0800 hrs and he was in the store room arranging some of the stores for the next shift. When suddenly he heard some noises behind him. He looked around and scanned the area and no one was in the store room except for him.

So he shrugged off and continue with his work. After a while, he heard the noise again. He turned round again and still there is nobody behind him. Even if some one were to come into the store room, he would know as the moment the door to the store room is open, the noise of the kitchen would flood in.

Being the curious sort, like me, he stood up and started to walk around the store room to see if anyone was trying to play a trick on him. After walking around the store room, he was alone. He thought that it might have been his imagination due to his lacked of sleep since he has been working for more than 20 hours.

So he shrugged it off again and walk back intending to complete his job so he can go home and sleep when he caught some movement out of the corner of his eye.

He turned around and come face with a stack of can mushroom soups.

It was stacked into pyramid shape about 1.5m tall.

Just then, he noticed a can of mushroom soup at the top started to fell down from the top.

A can of mushroom falling down is normal and what is the big deal you may asked. The big deal is the way in which the can is falling. The can should have fallen in the manner of head over heel or rolled down or combination of both. BUT the can basically are falling up right. From one step to another step. It looked as if someone or something is holding on the can and like “putting” it step by step down the pyramid of can mushroom.

My brother just stared in astonishment and went round checking the stack of mushroom soup.

Having witnessed something of the unexplained, he quickly went back to his station and carry on with his work and finished it with haste and leave the storeroom.

After which he related the incident to the senior manager and he just told him to take it easy. He is not the first one who have experience the unknown in the store room. As no harm or whatsoever have happened before, they just ignored it.

Denny’s Franchise has been revoked from Lam Soon and a new restraurnt has taken over Denny’s. Wondering if they experienced any unexplained happening.

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