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Demon Attack

It was the year , 1996 , me and my friends were living in Jurong, it was 1 am when things started to go wrong.

My friend John was watching a movie on the television, “The Ring” , No doubtedly, many of you must have seen this movie so you must know its a horror flick. While he was watching, i was in the room playing some old video game, and my other friend, Kathy was reading a book in the other room.

I could hear the television’s cathode ray tube humming even in my room, the cheesy horror-flick music looping, when all of a sudden, all the lights went off, and back on, shrugging it off as just a power lapse, i continued with my video game when all of a sudden, my clock that was behind me suspended into the air and zoomed towards me at high speed, i could barely dodge it when it smashed into my computer monitor, breaking the glass and sending shards of glass flying all over the room.

That had freaked me out enough to make me run out of my room, when i ran out, all the lights were off, everything was dark, even the lights outside seem to not be able to seep through the windows, all i could make out was the Taoist statue that had fallen to the floor and had shattered to pieces. My eyes strained to make out everything in the pitch black, when my eye caught movement, it was John, he was shivering madly, almost convulsing, when he started foaming, i could see he was staring at the television.

I was in paralysis at that moment to see my friend convulsing and his eyes locked in a haunting stare, as my eyes followed his, what i saw has stayed in my mind forever. There was a hand, bleeding and maligned, sticking through the television screen, the skin was a ghastly glowing white and the crimson blood oozed out sickeningly from its cut.

It suddenly retracted and the house was filled with a terrifying shriek, the windows rattled, and everything started to fly, the television threw itself onto the wall and smashed to pieces, the table vibrated violently until it shattered itself with sheer force. The shriek died down slowly and with it, the awful rattling.

John had slipped into an unconcious state and was lying limp on the floor. I tried to catch my breath when my friend, Kathy, screamed, i rushed into the room and i saw a horrid figure trying to come into this world from the mirror, it had the horns of a bull, and the rotting flesh of a zombie, its eyes were bleeding and its hands were covered in stab wounds, it roared when i went into the room and lunged out from the mirror.

It was in a frenzied state when it tried to reach for me, when a sudden calm filled my mind, everything played out in slow motion, i could see myself reaching for a cross, and stabbing the beast, the rythemic pulse of my temples began to accelerate slowly and reality hit me all of a sudden like a brick and all i could see was the beast’s corpse slowly disintegrating and a cross in my hand.

I was in a crouched position, one hand raised in the air ready to strike, the other hand with the cross in the beast’s corpse, there was no sinew, no flesh, no blood, it felt like a wet mist, slowly spreading outwards.

The lights slowly flickered on one by one, and i could see Kathy spread out unconcious on the bed, John shuffled his way into the room , still in a daze. The rest of the night was relatively peaceful after that horrid attack, we never did tell anybody what had happened.

The next morning, we all sat on the floor as we ate breakfast, everything was broken, the television, the table, and the chairs were smashed. We all knewed what we all saw was real, it was some sort of demon attack, it could have been just an illusion, but how could we all have the same illusion acting on us the same time.

Kathy suddenly stood up and pulled me along into her room, she closed the door and turned the lockbolt, she said that while she was unconcious, she saw us both making love, and she felt a strong urge to follow her dream, she pulled me towards her, her bust pressing softly against my chest, i was already starting to get aroused and the rest is too explicit to tell to you.

Kathy and I grew up together and got married when we both were in our 20s. There have been no disturbances since then and i hope, it will stay that way.

All names are fictionous and any coincidence is purely accidental, these events might be real, or false, up to you.

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