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First i would like people to stop sending in make up stories, coz if that is the case what’s the point of reading it in the first place.

I don’t believe in supernatural stuff, coz my family member are all free thinker. I’m those people who has to see to believe………… Here is something that i would like to share with those people who are looking for tyhe real thing………….here goes.

I was having a school holiday when i was in prmary 5 that was like years ago. My uncle bought a condo above this yaohan shopping centre, as a kid we are amazed by this new place coz there were tennis court and swimming pools. We always stay over at his place during school holiday coz we can swim the whole day and talk about school work and stuff like that.

There were 3 of us playing in the baby pools, talking rubbish and stuff like that, it’s was around 8 plus. While we are talking, we heard soft ringing sound, so we look around looking for cats. Because there were alot of stray cats in that area own by some security guards. This sound came louder as if it was just beside us, a funny sensation came over us.

The hair on our body stood up and during that time it was not that cold, this ringing sound is coming real close. It’s like a bell on those cat’s chocker. Right beside my cousin came a pair of feets with no knees or upper torso, just a pair of feets like those in the movie invisable man. Only my cousin and i saw that pair of feets, it look like it belongs to a indian. There it was a siver bell tied around it, so as children we ran for our life. Afterward we start to ask each other what we saw just now, and it’s the same thing that i saw just a feet with no knees. From there onward, i believe in stuff like that coz i’m not alone when i sight this thing by the poolside.

I went back for my reservise 1 year ago and same thing always goes on after dark. Guys would talk about jobs/ dreams/ and ghost stories. There was this indian guy who was talking about a kind of indian myth about some indian children who after they past away, there are made to wear some bells around their legs, and there is a name for this thing but sorry people i really can’t remember what he said.

I told him i saw a pair of feets like that when i was young and the both of us started to click instantly, he told me that his father’s brother died in a very young age but his soul or ghost whatever you call it live in the house. He sees them walking in and out of his house just like what i had seen when i was young, no ankle, no knees just a pair of feets with a bell around it.

Sorry it’s a not a beri beri scary tales and it’s also very lorsor long and time wasting. But things like this do happened, and i’m still a freethinker now. I believe in this life after death. But no point in going to temple and stuff like that coz life is too short to be scare of this kind of things all the time.

Only when we past away we will know if there are another world and stuff like that……….Thanks for reading this long story bought to you by an old uncle.

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