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Taman Negara Incident

Before I relate the following story, I would like to tell you readers a little bit about myself. I used to live in a house in Tampines and I had a room all to myself. In the room, I had placed a big study table facing the window because I simply love to look out while I’m doing my work to relax my tired eyes. I have this habit of not closing my windows, firstly, because I had to be in a stuffy room, secondly, because the window panes were new and it was very hard to open and close it, thirdly, it was because I was plain lazy. ( come on, I had climb onto my study table everytime I wanted to close the windows, very troublesome )

One day, I was due to go for a trip to Taman Negara organized by my school whereas my whole family was going to Mallacca. As per usual, I did not close the windows in my room. I was very hyped up. I couldn’t exactly remember when, but there came a point when I was very dizzy. The kind where the world’s is spinning all around you. I was dizzy for the whole four days I was there. However, I did not tell my teacher in charge for fear I would be asked to stay and rest at campsite.

On the fifth day, we made our way to another campsite, there, we were allowed time on our own to rest and relax. Every four students, were assigned a chalet which comprised of two rooms with two beds in each room.

That nite, my bestfriend and I made our way to the guys chalet to relax and talked thru’ the nite. When we got kinda tired, we went back to our hut to sleep. Back in our room, my bestfriend and I continued talking, as we lay on our respective beds. While talking, my bestfriend casually mentioned that I looked like one of our guy firends. I then replied I might be rugged and all but I’m sure people could tell that I was a gal.

Suddenly, she covered her face with her pillow. I was thanking God cos’ by then the headache was getting worst and all i felt like doing was to sleep. In a while, she took away the pillow and told me that she had something to tell me. But, as I asked, she wouldnt say a thing. I persisted cos’ I had thought that she had wanted to gossip about the other gals, however, it was a futile attempt. She said that she would tell me the next day and showed a sign of hesistance and would not even promise me when I told her to. Instead, she told me to turn in. Of course I was glad even though I was unable to get anything out of her.

The next day, the headache miraculously ‘disappeared’. I remembered about my conversation with my bestfriend. With renewed energy, I asked her to tell me the ‘secret’. She managed to withheld any information from me till’ we reached Singapore, when she couldnt take my hounding anymore..hehe..

Anyway, what she told me spooked me. She asked me if I remembered her saying that I looked like a guy friend of ours. She continued that my face transformed from that to a lot of other faces until, at last it settled on a guys face with a smirk and horns on his head. That was when she covered her face with the pillow.

Upon reaching our school, my parents were there to fetch me. They had cut short their trip so that they would be home for me when I reached Singapore. I told my parents what my bestfriend had seen but I was quickly dismissed by my dad. When I reached home, I found my bedroom windows closed. I thanked my dad, cos’ it was raining quite heavily that day and it was him who would usually take the trouble to close the windows for me. However, he denied it and told me it might have been my mum. So, I went to thank her. She too denied of doing anything as such. I thought I could be the one who had closed the windows after all.

As I was very tired, I went straight to sleep after bathing. The next day, I woke up quite late. My parents had both gone to work. My siblings were sent to my aunt’s place and I was supposed to be present in school for an extra class. I realised that my window was opened. I thought I must have opened it without realising. After all, I was to tired, I thought..

In a while, it started raining. I decided to close my windows last because it was my room after all…I should deal with the other windows in the house first cos’ I might not go into the other rooms in the house after that as I would be going to school as soon as I’m ready.

When I got back to my room, I realised the windows closed. Again, I thought I might have closed it myself. As I was ironing my uniform outside my room, I heard the windows opening. By that time the rain had stopped. I was quite shaken. The windows opening..there’s no wind and even if there was it was not possible to make my windows budge!! I peeked into my room and my knees got so wobbly. The windows were opened, yet, what had caused it. Many thoughts raced thru’ my mind. At last, I psychoed myself that whatever had caused my windows to open was harmless. It was just helping me close and open my window when it sees the need to.

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