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Invisible Friend?

I loved babysitting coz I loved babies and small children. But one incident which happened completely changed my liking towards babysitting.

I was babysitting for my brother’s 2 year old son. My brother and his wife are working nite shift so they asked me to babysit.(i got paid, though!!) It was a thursday evening, around 7++pm when when Daniel (my nephew) started crying. I tried to soothe him but he juz wouldn’t calm down. He started wailing. He was getting out of control so I carried him in my arms and started whispering some quranic verses into his ears. (It worked with other babies…) Daniel stopped crying and looked straight at me in the eye. I felt uncomfortable by the way he stared at me so I put him down on the sofa.

After about a few seconds, he started laughing. I was so shocked that he laughed all of a sudden. I’m quite sure that sumthing was not right. Suddenly, I felt cold all over, like as if I was wrapped with ice. Daniel laughed even louder, and I felt the hairs on my hands stood on their ends. I couldn’t even open my mouth, like my tongue was locked up tight. I prayed in my heart that whatever it is, it won’t harm me or Daniel.

Without me realising it, Daniel was staring at my back with eyes so big I thought it would pop out at any second. He said, “Kak Diena…takut dengan adik?” (translation: “Kak Diena…u afraid of me?”) He is only 2 years old!!! All he could say was Mama, Papa and googoo gaga…imagine my shock at that time! I tried to calm myself and decided to call for whoever to come over to this house to accompany me. I decided to call for my boyfriend, Sham.

Sham has the “third eye” and thus, can see such things. I invited Sham over and he finally agreed after much persuasion. I cried in Sham’s arms as he comforted me coz all the while, Daniel was laughing and crying, and at times shouting at me to go to hell. Then he would be his quiet self again, playing with his toy truck. Sham knew that sumthing was amiss and went to each and every corner of the house. He finally cried out loud when he went to my brother’s room. He said he saw sumthing in black under the bed. By that time, I was crying again.

Sham called for his father, a medium. He went over and did some prayers for the house. Sham’s father said that sumbody has planted the ‘thing’ inside the house and he hanged sum verses in the room. As for Daniel, Sham’s father talked to him. I was shocked that Daniel can talk…..he said that the black child wanted to play with him but Daniel is afraid to coz the black thing was inhuman. The black thing slapped Daniel, and that’s when he started crying. I finally knew that Daniel laughed because the demon started to tickle him all over so that Daniel will let it play with him. Sham’s father whispered sumthing into Daniel’s ears and Daniel cried….again! (sigh) Daniel finally looked up at me and hugged me. I was overjoyed that he is back to his normal self. I never babysit again…

Please note: The names are altered so as to protect the identity. (but mine wasn’t)

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