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A friend of my who was previously a trainee relate a story to me.

During his last week of training, his squad had a night gathering together with their field instructors. That night, they force their instructors to reveal all the ghost stories encountered before by the previous trainees. So one of the field instructor told them one the story he knew long ago…

One particular night a group of C course cadets decided to explore the MO centre along the dark road where they heard rumours that eerie sound coming out the building. Along the way, there is a banana tree where scent of flowers can be smell strongly. Beside the banana tree, there is a old tall tree with a broken swing attached to one of the branches. Rumours said that if you are lucky, you be able to see a white long hair figure seated on the swing.

While the group walked along the road, before they reach the building, they smell a very strong scent. As they couldn’t bother about it, one of them said ‘do you think we are lucky enough to see that white figuring sitting on the swing’. All of them laughed happily as they do not think so….

So as they bypass the tree, one of the guy saw the white figure standind beside the tree and not sitting on the swing. So one of the guy approached the figure ask who she was and what she was doing there at this point of time…

To their surprised, the figure did not answer him but smiled at him. In a spilt second, he realised that the figure floating towards his direction. To his horror he ran toward his group and shouted to them to flee for their life.

So as they were dashing towards the charlie company bypass the vending machine, one of the guy turned his head behind to see whether the figure came after them. To his surprise, the figure floated through the vending machine and he was too stunned to ran anymore as he was too frightened. The figure actually float through his body and he fainted straight away….

The next day, he found himself in bed and every thing seem normal……

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