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Army Ghost Stories

1st Story

I did my BMT in Nee Soon Camp in 1998. I was in Charlie Coy, PL3, on the top floor. One night, in the wee hrs of the morning, I got up to go take a pee. So I went to the toilet. It was all bright and empty. I went to the urinal and started to pee. As I was finishing, I suddenly realised that every single tap, including the showers and basins were running. I freaked out, finished my pee and rushed back to my bunk.

I never went to toilet in the wee hrs of the night again. If you know the Nee Soon Camp toilets, the taps are push taps. And the toilet was empty when I went in, so go figure. From what I heard, a few years before my batch, there was a recruit from C Coy that committed suicide by jumping off the building from the 3rd fl. Ever since then, there has been weird happenings.

2nd Story

This happened to my fellow instructor in Feb 2000. I was a Recce instructor in SMI. And we used to bring our trainees to Tekong to train regularly. My fellow instructor, B, followed one such batch to Tekong. One night, he followed a 4 man team during their recce mission.

The team decided to habour near the Fibua village. Where the team commander, another team mate and my instructor were in the vegetation in the middle of a Y junction. And the other two were opp in the bushes along the axis. It was in the wee hrs of the morning when B heard the two across the road shouting out to him. He told them to shut up and watch for enemy movement. But the two persisted and he went over to check on them.

B shone a torchlight on their faces and asked them what they were shouting about. Their faces were apparently pale white with fear. The two trainees asked if B saw the white figure crossing the road towards his original position. KNN! B turned back and called the whole team back on the axis.

To cut a long story short, the team had their exercise cut short. And the two who saw the figure had to be counseled. B was damm freaked out too and told me he had trouble sleeping for a few days after that. We also realised that incident happened on a Thursday night.

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