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Night Cycling Incident

I have a spooky encounter once. It was around 1998/9 (forgot which year) when I went night cycling with my friend round the island. From Bishan Park-sembawang-mandai-kranji dam-lim chu kang cemetary (yikes pass by very fast)-bukit panjang – upper bukit timah rd- orchard rd. We split from orchard road and I cycled back to AMK via Thomson road. I was on a mountain bike then and near the junction of Sin Ming Ave and Upper Thomson road, I noticed a very old lady pedaling slowly on a 3 wheel cart (those with 2 wheels in front). She was wearing those samfu type of dress (very common among old people in the 80s and 90s) and since I was in a hurry to get home (it was around 3am plus), I doubled up and cycled pass her. The downhill ride from that point onwards was welcomed relieve for my legs and I cant wait to get home.

Here comes the scary part, when I made the turn from AMK ave 1 into AMK ave 3 where AMK methodist church is, approximately 20m ahead of me was the old lady on her 3 wheeler again! This time I took a closer look and noticed that her hair was untied and fluttering in the wind behind her (much like what you see in the movies). Visibly spooked, I quickly cycle pass her and at the moment I passed, I heard her muttering something in Cantonese ” xx xx cycling your bicycle?” , that is when I turned on all pistons and rode the fastest uphill ride ever on a bike. Reached my block, lift up my bike and ran all the way up to my unit. Quickly took a bath and went to sleep straight. Since then, never cycle alone at night ever again.

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