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Followed By A Spirit

Back when I was in army, during New Year and Christmas day, I volunteered for guard duty as I have no partner and need to clear my duty anyway.

I waited for a cab to camp from my house, at around 4pm to have dinner in camp first.

I stood by the roadside waiting for a cab I saw this yellow top cab from afar. It was occupied in the front seat by a male.

To my surprise it stopped, and there was nobody seated in front! I took the cab thinking I must have mislooked.

The day went on as usual.

Then on New Year, I waited for a cab again, same place around the same time. The exact same thing happened to me, albeit a different cab!

Gosh I was a little freaked but it’s in the broad day light and since the cab stopped, I took it.

That night in camp was spent feeling jittery but nothing happened.

Days later, in camp, at night. After shower and night snacks, I showered and wrapped in my towels, I went down to the store, greedy for more snacks. When I turned the corner, I saw for a moment, the same guy from the cab experience (I couldn’t recognise of course, but I just knew it was the same guy) standing in the middle of the stairway!

Holy crap was I totally silenced and made a 180 back to my bunk. I wanted to tell my camp mates but from experience, they would just scare me in the middle of the night ( that’s what we always do, lol).

I told my good friend about it and we went to a temple one night, and the medium said I was followed by that guy, for what purpose, he doesn’t know.

I was given a bunch of talisman to drink and keep, and to follow a routine of repeating a chant which written to me in Chinese every night before I sleep.

I followed the regime strictly as he said that guy was following me, and sure I wouldn’t want to see him at home.

Never saw him again ever since.

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