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Camp In Thomson

This story was told by my sergeant in NCC. Last time we used to go to this camp in Thompson for NCC. Rumoured that the canteen is always haunted by a grandpa and a grandma whom were killed when a fire break out in the past. It is a very old low lying camp.

My sergeant, very garang type, always go jog round the camp at night. So one faithful night, he went to jog, come back and have a drink at the water cooler.

While drinking, he can make out two white figure standing at one end of the canteen, looking at him.

Being the morally upright kind, he didn’t really care, just walk away after drinking. The next day, he asked the regular in the camp.. The regular say it’s normal, and “they” like to play with the chairs, dragging them aroundd…

Camp always give my the creep, those who go NCC in the north should know which camp. A cadet of mine, suffer from fits on a Thursday training night in the camp too..

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