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My Horror Encounters

This happened to me when I was still in primary school. When i was young, i always had the phobia of sleeping alone, or being alone in a dark room, so i always slept with my grandmother when i was young.

I remembered very clearly, there was this night, i was woken up by a crying voice, somehow it sounded like it was a lady together with a small little girl crying at the foot of the bed. I was super scared, broke out in cold sweat, i tried to wake my grandmother up by nudging her, but i was too scared to make big movement. She was still sleeping peacefully. End up i couldn’t sleep the whole night, kept sweating and the sound was gone around 6 am when my mum woke up. Told my parents and they told me nothing to be afraid of.

Anyway this incident made me thinking, because i was from a taoist family and my parents pray to Tua Pek Kong, so i was wondering how could i spirit come into my house so easily? End up i gotten my answer.

You know when i was a kid, there was a time i loved to throw cloth up into the air and catch them down again, so apparently before the spirit entered my house, some time back, i was playing with the cloth yet again, and the cloth accidentally fell on the oil lamp beside the joss stick urn, i remembered i panic and hide in my room. Luckily my mum came back in time and saw that the cloth caught fire and burnt the urn. Obviously i gotten scolding from that incident. My father faster bought another urn and replaced the burnt urn. It was only after some time when my dad visited a medium that the medium told him that he did not “kai guano” the urn, hence there isn’t much power to ward off evil spirit. That was only reason that i think that the spirit is able to enter my house.

Another short story from my time during my BMT. I was from Bronco company. This incident happened around 1 month after i enlisted. In tekong, the bunks are all double decks right, and total there are 16 beds. So there was one night, one of my Malay section mate saw a dark-skinned guy laying against his cardboard and sleeping, he couldn’t see his face properly because he was facing down, he thought it was just the Indian section mate who was sleeping opposite him, sleeping against the cardboard.

He only brought this incident up about 2 days later and we got a shock. Because my Indian section mate was telling us that he didn’t sleep against his cardboard before. So my whole section begin to think who it could be. At first we thought it might be the other 3 guys( 1 sleeping on top of the Indian guy and two sleeping on the double deck beside the cardboard) However both of them are Chinese and my Malay section mate confirm that he saw a dark-skin guy sleeping. Eventually, we didn’t saw it again and never knew who it was

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