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Knocking On Bunk Door

I was a recruit in R coy BMTC School 2. There was a night when I was sleeping, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night (it happens to me occasionally). While trying to get back to sleep, I heard a faint sound from a bell along the corridor ( I sleep extreme end away from the bunk door, Just beside the window). Its like a faint “ting” sound

I thought my mind was playing tricks so I tried to calm myself to sleep. Then “ting” again…this time slightly louder. I started to curse and swear inside, this time my heart starts to race.. the sound interval is like once every 10 secs, each time louder and i can feel the presence getting near the bunk. My bunk mates who sleeps near the door was still snoring away.

“Ting!” Just right outside the door. I can almost hear my own heartbeat. CCB. I told myself if the door opens thats it. Im gonna yell. Nope. There was a slight knock on the door. “TOK” every 3 secs.

I started to “fake” a very loud cough. Hoping to wake somebody up. A few of my bunk mates was awakened by my cough and my buddy mumbled sleepily. After that, the sound stopped.

Next day, told my bunk mates about the incident and everyone claimed they dint hear the bell sound nor the door knocking.

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