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Eyes Covered

This incident happened when I went pay a visit to my injured friend at his house. Everyone who stay in the west, when taking Mrt to the east, will definitely pass-by Dover. To the left of the MRT, was a estate for the rich. Terraces and Bungalows everywhere.

I was walking inside the area looking for my friend house… When suddenly I heard footsteps coming from my back. I turn around to see nothing but air. Then, from the surrounding Terraces, some dogs started to bark, looking at me with a fierce eye.

I continue to walk and walk until when I realise, I keep ended up in the same stretch of building. Like cannot go out like that. I cant possible lose my way, my sense of direction is good!!!

So i started to run around like some idiot. After the 3rd time I still ended up at the same place. But something was different. I saw another person running around this time, wearing the same thing and holding the same item as me.

In this world, there is no other me except for me.How the heck that guy can follow my step so closely and hold the same thing as I do?! Then confirm kena trap in some kind of thing liao lor.

So I decided to confront that another me who is looking ahead and not moving. I tap it shoulder and say “Oi siao eh, dont copy-cat.”

It turn around and face me, I kena utter shock.

It was my old pal,who had already decease 5 years back in a tragic car accident. Now he is standing in front of me, repeating what I just say. Let just say I crumble into depression when I see him. After his death,I feel dam sad… Now that he return, I dunno should I feel happy or sad.

He soon start a conversation with me, and I naturally replied. We talk and talk and talk like normal person, yet when another stranger pass by us, that person doesn’t seem to even know we two exist. Its like Me and my friend are in a different space, away from others.

And all ended when he suddenly disappear after saying “Careful around you and the person you care for so much, someone have the intention to kill you or that person you care. Don’t join me so fast, stay alive.”

After that, I cannot smile. I cant even force a smile when I enter my friend house. And because of that, I got pounce and drag by his strong friendly husky around his living room.

I now dunno what to do. Take his advice, or just turn a blind eye to it. On second thought, I don’t even know if that is just a spirit that is playing trick on me. If its really my friend, I don’t mind talking to him like that again. Now I dam lost… If I care for a person that the person have to be a target… What for do I still care for the person? If I care for her, I will most probably get her killed if what my friend say is true… I’m dam stress by this. Crap it, tonight no more sleep for me.

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