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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This one was during a school outing. To Chinatown, it was a heritage tour. You know? So at Chinatown there’s this heritage building that’s popular with the tourist. Alright, anyways, once you go in there, and walked lazily through, you’ll come across a room of a prostitute, with a small oval mirror on the wall across from where you’re standing.

I dunno about you guys, but never look into it more than 3 times.

Cause that’s what I did, and I saw something really really freaky. The mirror started to have a face on it. Since it does not directly face you, it faces a wall. It scares you shitless. I was. *I’m still scared*

The face is really really pretty, but after you see, please don’t blink! I blinked to see if I was seeing things and the face was looking at me. Then it slowly disappeared.

I encountered it. and three of my friends saw it too, as I told them what to do. My Malay friend swore he saw it. But it was different. He said his was.

“Got this chio bu standing there, then she will turn around and look at me…mati mati, I see hantu already…”

Then he went off to mutter some Quran verses. I am a free thinker so could only cursed and apologize. But use liao, kena arrowed. I went back and stared at the mirror. And apologized. Nothing happened. But throughout the whole trip I was shivering even thought it was 2 pm. But the next day I was alright, so I guess I’m fine.

There is one on the 3:33am.

This one I can’t think of a title.

But If you’re keeping up late at night, what I always do is close my eyes really really tight at 3:33, if I ever cross that timing.

Why? Cause as of now, I’m typing to you, my computer is just besides my window, and if I turn my head right, I’ve a clear view of what’s going outside my snail shell of a room.

Anyways, this one was really freaky.

Ok, it was roughly 3:30, cause I was DOTA-ing…lolz…anyways, my neck was aching like crazy, so I turned it left and right to stretch it.

It must’ve been 3:33 *I assume*

Cause as I twisted my neck right, there were 4 “things” sticking their faces against my window. Staring at me. And I knew there was more. So i pretended to continue stretching my neck. But as i stretched it left and right again. The faces were gone. But I knew they were there.

I ended the game and quickly went to bed.

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