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The MRT Ghost Train

This is what I heard from my best friend 5 years back. My friend came to my house to do a project as his printer was down. He stayed till quite late like 11 o’clock, my elder brother offered him a car ride home but he denied.

So he entered the station and waited for the train to come. Strangely enough, there were no people around. He thought it was very late so he didn’t mind that at first. After a few minutes, he noticed a faint light flickered. Thinking that the train is coming, he stood up. But instead of a MRT that is coming to a stop, came a strange RED train came at fast and furious speed…and sped past. Stunned by it, he just stood there wondering what was happening. After the train disappeared into the darkness, a MRT staff approached him, ” You saw it?” My friend nodded in agreement. “Well, some people see it and some people don’t. Anyway there’s no more train for you to board right now. I suggest you should take a taxi home.” My friend quickly exited the station and called me immediately, and my elder brother fetched him home in the end.

Well, I was really shocked to hear that from him when he called me the moment he reached home to relate the whole incident to me.

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