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A Silhouette

Few years back, it was supposedly a NCC(Land) custom for the sec 3s to be left outside the D&T block at different parts of the building. They were confined to the space of a mattress until the CO(Commanding Officer) tells them they can come out. They were not allow to communicate as well. This was supposed to ‘train’ your endurance or something. My senior got posted to the 2nd storey, outside a door, which faces the staircase of the block.

Around 1 hour later, some sec 4s came to tell them that the CO’s sleeping, and that they have to wait for him to wake up before they can get out. My senior got quite frustrated, he was already feeling creeped out. Some time later, my senior ‘sensed’ something black on the staircase leading from the 2nd storey to the 3rd. He looked at saw nothing.

Stubborn as he was, he stared at the staircase until a silhouette appeared out of the blue. It was climbing down the stairs, one step at a time and staring back at him. My senior couldn’t move, couldn’t shout.

Then, as sudden as it appeared, the silhouette retreated back as though it sensed some holy presence.

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