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Girl In The Mirror

This was something I have personally experience in my old Primary school. Rumor has it that the girls toilet on the second level is hunted. It is also the only student toilet to which has a full view mirror facing the door way. The school at had a funny rule where student are to go in twos to toilet break, for some reason I never knew why. It is an very old school and in 2000 they pull down the school, it was called (BKPS) short form located at Kallang.

It was after Physical education (PE) where student than where required to change out of their PE Attire to normal school uniform. As there where more that one class taking PE each time, the toilet usually full, as everyone are changing out of their attire. (which can be an ass) Thus I went to the toilet located at level 2. Now understand this I have use this toilet many time as it is one of the cleanest toilet in school. However little did I know that day will be my last visit there. As usually i went into a cubical to get change. While changing I heard someone from the next cubical flushing the toilet. Which was weird as not many student use this toilet. Not paying much attention to it, I continue to mind my own business.

After changing as a female, I admired myself in the mirror for a while, that was when it happen? All the toilet started flushing one by one, convince that ?Ghost? Does not appear in day I walk toward the toilet cubical to make sure no one was trying to be funny with me, I maybe around 9 or 10 but I was no push over. That was when all at once all the toilet started flushing together at once it was plain creepy.

I tired to rationalize the situation thinking to myself that in some shopping centre the toilet also Auto flush, no problem one la! Thus I turn and walk to the door, as much as I wanted to run I told myself to keep it cool, once you show fear that! As I was about to reach to the door it closed on me, panic I knock on the door fiercely, only to be greeted by the darkness that follow as the light in the toilet have too failed me. Helpless I look around for an escape route, as I look around, I realize my reflection in the mirror was off.

Remember the full length mirror I mention earlier? Will Yup that the mirror, it looked back at me, but was funny was it the me in the mirror, had blank eye (like emotionless) with totally no facial expression at all! While here I am trying not to have a heart attack! It was than I saw a bright light and was pulled out of the toilet. Only to see the cleaner aunty giving me a disapproving looked. Speaking in mandarin she told me : you! tell you many time dun use this toilet never listen. See what happen if I never come quick maybe you will become like the girl inside the mirror already! Still see what hurry go back class.

Although after that incident I have many time tried to convince the aunty to tell me the story of the girl in the mirror but have been rejected many time only to get a reply: kid dun mess with things you don’t know.

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