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Henderson Road

I always believe that there is ghost but I never thought of meeting “them”. It happened a year ago. That night I reach Redhill MRT about 11.45pm. I meet my friend coincidently without expecting that night.

He stay at Redhill while I’m staying at my friend house at Henderson Road. We went separate ways after having few words but he told me that he will be calling me to keep me accompany until i reach my friend house, by the time when we walk away is about 1155pm.

While we were talking on the phone I didn’t feel scared like usually i do, as what I heard people keep on saying that Henderson Road is one of the places that is haunted. While talking with my friend, I saw this lady who is standing at the center of the pathway looking downwards, instead of walking beside her I walk next to the big tree that is next to her and what i felt after that was HORRIBLE!

All of a sudden my neck hair stands and when the moment I turn and look at her she was looking at me with a sharp eyes, I ran shouting, asking for help from my friend on the phone, I went to the nearest 7 eleven and I cried.

Without any hesitation he ran from redhill all the way to where I am to look at what had happened, I keep on looking behind not believing what I’ve seen, she looks more like “nenek kebayan”. As my friend arrived he saw me standing there with my pale face, he hold my hand and ask me to walk slowly and stop turning back. I dont even dare to go home the next day I have a high fever. Luckily that is the end of the story. I don’t wish to see this kind of things again and for people who always trying to look forward to see “them” I advised you just STOP because its not worth it to look at “them” and scare yourself.

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