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Headless Girl

On the news every where its been posted up in my area, which is in Canada. A young 15 year old girl was beheaded in a park beside my neighbourhood. One early morning my friend and I were feeling buzzed walking through my neighbourhood and we heard someone yell.

It was a yell of an elderly lady, there were about five people at the park. We were wondering why there were that many adults there so early in the morning. Not thinking of anything we decided to be curious and check what was going on. We saw the body of the 15 year old girl with her head six feet away from her body. It was one of the scariest things I’ve seen in my life.

My friend and I had to be hospitalized and had to go through advanced therapy for weeks. Still today I see the image in my head. This just happened like last month or so. I’m crazy enough to go on about it though, because I have experienced and seen many things in my life. About a week after I saw the girl, I was laying in my bedroom one night texting my girlfriend.

Out of nowhere I feel this cold draft on my bed, so I got up to check if the window was open and it was closed. I ignored it and nothing happened afterwards. The next night my PlayStation 3 turned on by itself so I checked if the controller was on the bed in case I accidentally turned it on by lying on it. The controller was on top of my ps3. I started getting scared by then and didn’t know what to do, so I went under my blanket and started texting my friends.

When I was texting one of my friends I felt pressure pushing down on my knee like as if someone were touching me. I took off the blanket and saw a figure of a girl, but I didn’t see no head attached to the shoulders. She just stood there and didn’t move. It scared me so much that I couldn’t move, think, or even breathe. I stayed awake that whole night thinking about what I saw. Was it the 15 year old girl from the park, paying me a visit? I think so..

Now I’m not scared to see anything paranormal, but I’m obviously afraid to be a witness of a real dead body, that’s actually being put on the news. It’s something I wouldn’t want to see again, but the paranormal experience was like any other experiences I’ve had. It wasn’t imaginary.

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