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Mandai Forest

I am a chinese guy who hangs out with Singapore indian guys. Somewhere around 4 to 5 years back, our group made a new friend call kartik, who is now still my friend.

One friday or saturday night, after drinking abit more then usual, Kartik told us about this tree at Mandai, said that he have been there 2 times and both times he saw a ghost there.

We got excited naturally, we actually half believed him and half want to go to the jungle area and drink till we drop.. the following 2 weeks later, my friend Gunn took his father’s lorry and we were ready to party. Lorry was loaded with alot of bottles of baron and guniess, all kap money buy. Oh, most indians can open beer bottles with thier teeth.

Of to mandai we went, with katik guiding gunn in front, we sat behind like indian workers except for me and we drink and joke all the way. Among us was gunn’s neighbour, a malay guy older then me, can’t remember his name.

We arrived the some ulu spot and started to trek in, we had 3 touch lights. The thing here is all present were guys, so of course we won’t show our fear mah. Very dark as it was, you can hear durian dropping, there very quite except for the crikets.

We finally arrived at the spot, there was this really huge tree, i think will need about 5 to 6 man to hold hands and form a circle then can cover the whole tree. Naturally, there was nothing there. So we all start as a group to scold kartik, calling him a liar, you know la story always like that one. Go only don’t have.

So one of my friends named Hari, started making fun of the tree, cracking jokes about it and the malay guy, walked up to the tree and started kicking it. After camping there drinking and smoking, when we were done, still no ghost.. so we decided to try to find durians. The malay guy pee at the tree before we left.

Alot of sound of it dropping, but we can’t even find one.. weird.. anyway, After not managing to finding durians, it was time to go home, out of booze and ciggys, we walked pass the tree.

Some guys said their last vugler remarks, like LJ la this tree blah blah quite funny at that point of time.. we turn away from the tree and started walking. About 4 to 5 steps, katik turned around and said in a soft voice, hey guys look da deh, I not talking cock..

My hair stand at that point, now also standing, I turned, all turned about the same time, I saw a small boy figure. Colour like Whittish grey, like man come out that thing the colour like that, could only see half his body, he is arm like only half very short, like no fore arm and hand. The thing was like peeping at us!!

I felt that the thing was staring at me. For about 2 seconds later, he raise his arm 90 degrees from to his body… from the side.. One guy in our group whispered.. 1, 2 ,3.. we all ran for our life.. till today I dunno what was that figure.. creepy..

No matter what it was, I felt heng that i never scold, kick and pee at the tree.. heng ah not me!! Hope you guys enjoyed my story.

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