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Rasa Sayang

I had been drinking beer at this tourist entertainment haven at Orchard Road late at night and all alone – when I picked up the scent of the fragrance of ‘frangipani’ in the air.

From afar, and right in front of me, I saw the figure of a Malay woman with long ‘haywire and untidy’ hairdo and old and ‘worn-out’ traditional Malay garb walking slowly towards me.

Visibility was poor as it was quite dark, but when she came closer to me, I could see that she had transformed into a beautiful and attractive woman in a more neat and tidy traditional Malay attire known as sarong kebaya.

I sat up straight, and still smoking the Marlboro I had lit sometime ago – she sat at the table next to me, and the enchantress began to seduce me, blowing soft kisses and stroking her batik handkerchief in her hand, whilst making advances to nail me – dead!

I wasn’t afraid, and rejected her company for the evening, knowing what she really was, and she turned around and walked back the same way she had confronted me, and turned back to stare at me – but she was different, with long ‘haywire and untidy’ hairdo and old and ‘worn-out’ traditional Malay garb – with a very sinister, evil and haggard look.
When she bare her crooked fangs and lashed out at me, I realised that I was right – she was a lang-suir, with a story to tell (though I will spare all the un-pleasantries) – and she continued her horrible and terrible charade to ‘shock’ me until she had enough, but warned me that she had spared me for certain reasons that I had already known.

I am a Mat Salleh!

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