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A Park in Yishun

This happened recently. I was at a park where a gathering was organized by a friend. The small party ended quite late. By the time I was on my way walking out of the park alone to the main road to catch a bus home, the time was already 11pm.

The distance from the party venue to the exit gate of the park was about 10 minutes’ walk away. I had no problem finding my way out. Most of the crowd were concentrated at the fishing pond where late night anglers came to relax together. I continued walking until I arrived near the main gate.

The main gate faced the well-lit busy main road. A wire fence separated the park from the public footpath and road. I was walking towards the main gate when my head suddenly turned towards the left thus looking through the wire fence. In a very quick glimpse, I saw what I had read and heard about but never witness in my life.

In that second when I turned my head, I saw a figure all wrapped up from head to toe in white cloth with the face exposed. I saw the facial features. The figure was hopping hurriedly towards the fence. When I blinked my eye, the figure disappeared.

Wa lau!!! What luck I had that night! I coolly hasten my footsteps, started reciting supplication repeatedly asking for God’s protection and lowered my gaze. When I crossed the gate exit, I saw 3 boys who were on their way to the park to fish. I was glad to see them.

I wasted no time and hurriedly crossed the busy road to catch my bus. I dared not look behind throughout the ordeal.

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