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Only Son

This happens to my uncle’s family. My uncle is a business man and loves hunting. Each time he was out with his hunting buddies he will sure to have some story to tell (his adventures I suppose)when he comes back from his “trip”.

The problem here is that with his hunting activity, he actually accumulates bad karma. We all know that karma(s) is/are exclusively belongs to that one person alone and he/she will have to be responsible for their own doings. Little did most of us know, the people around us actually accumulates the same amount of karma and thus, they are fated to be around us in this life (sharing the same level of karma). So, for goodness sake, please try to do more good and do not do bad things although it may seems harmless now.

The real deal begins when, my uncle’s wife was pregnant with their 1st child (in the 80′s). The baby was a boy and during my aunt’s pregnancy, my uncle have shot and killed a pregnant monkey during one of his hunting excursion. We believe that this will cultivates a huge amount of bad karma.

My aunt eventually gave birth to a cyclops baby (you guys can google out for more info, medical term). Due to this genetic defect, the baby was a still born. He died as soon as he was born and we heard that my aunt passed out upon seeing her baby. Luckily, my aunt was safe (recovered) and they (my uncle/aunt) have 3 daughters subsequently the following years. (please take note: No son)

Strange thing is that the spirit of this baby boy have been living with my uncle’s family all this while. There have been some minor disturbance in their house like strange noises and my other cousins (younger ones) playing with their imaginary “brother”. Deep down inside we all know what is happening.

Last few years, they have decided to get a medium (my mother’s sifu/master) to do a ritual (Taoist) to exorcise this little disturbances. After the ritual, the medium, on that very day, was having lunch with my aunt and my mom while chatting and having some idle conversation. Without knowing, he asked my aunt, was there any one/person in the family lost a child prior to this disturbance? That is when my aunt broke down and cried, they relate the whole story to the medium.

The medium then said, the spirit retaliated and begged the medium not to capture him during the exorcism. He told the medium that he is “family”. When he was finally cornered, he even throw a fit and mess up the praying altar a bit (like a child).

*****I can assure you this story is real and my family are from a northern Chinese town in Peninsular Malaysia. *****

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