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A Friend’s Uncle

This story happened to my mother’s friend’s aunt. It happened that my friend’s uncle had passed away for more than a year. In the Chinese culture, sometimes family members of extended family live together in a big house i.e. there may be several families living under one roof. So one day, the aunts were chatting and they brought up the death of my friend’s uncle. One of the aunt brought up the ghostly topic about spirits of dead people still lingering in this world etc. Another aunt, lets call her Aunt A, said rather defensively that she doesn’t believe in spirits of dead people lingering. She said when the dead are dear, that is it. No more. Furthermore, she also said challengingly, “I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes!”

After that, probably the next day or so, Aunt A happened to be in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family. It was evening time but the day was still bright. While she was busily chopping some meat or vegetable, the corner of her eyes caught something moving. She turned around out of curiosity to see what was the moving thing. It was the drape/curtain hanging on the door of the room close by to the kitchen. (Old fashion houses have those long curtain/drape hanging on the door). It was as though some wind was blowing the curtain/drape. And then, she turned to look outside the window of the kitchen. The day was still sunny and no sign of breeze or wind out there. Feeling something amiss, she turned around again and stared at the door with the curtain still gently swaying. The curtain was like halfway down the door, covering the top portion of the door. Then she saw something impossible. She saw 2 bare legs, hanging just behind the curtain. The legs were like floating on air, not touching the ground at all!

Aunt A said, she didn’t know how she managed, but she managed to run pass the door with the hanging or floating entity in order to get out of the kitchen and get away. She said she had no choice but had to run pass that door because that was the only way to get out of the kitchen!

So my mother’s friend said, lesson learnt, DO NOT CHALLENGE THE UNKNOWN! You might not like the outcome of it!

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