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Scary Dream

Mount Pleasant Road is synonymous with haunting. I just recalled I travelled along this lonely lane once in a cab during day time when the driver suggested that he took a short cut to send me home. The road was long and winding and very shady due to the presence of big trees that lined the road. I do not dare step onto this road at night.

One night, I had a dream. I dreamt I was in a cab at night and the Malay driver, an uncle, was very friendly and chatty. Suddenly, the cab suddenly made a turn into a lane. The lane was very dark and creepy. No lamp posts were present and Uncle depended on the cab headlights to see what lay ahead and drive safely.

The cab just travelled several metres when it approached a left gentle turn. Uncle and I saw only thick shrubs that lined the creepy lane. I also did not know why Uncle chose to cruise on this lane although it was a spooky place.

Suddenly, a woman with long hair in a long dress appeared in front of those shrubs. I was horrified to see ‘it’. Uncle, who was chatty suddenly became quiet. His eyes became transfixed by what he just saw several metres ahead of his cab. This was when I knew that Uncle saw what I saw.

Immediately, I shouted at Uncle to stop the car and make an emergency U-turn. Uncle somehow did not hear me and continue to cruise towards the ‘thing’. The cab gently slowed down but did not stop. He was still shocked by what he saw. By this time, the thing had started to move forward towards the cab.

I was desperately shouting at Uncle from the back to do the urgent U-turn. Realizing that my shouting did no good, I began to shake Uncle’s shoulder to stop the cab and make a U-turn.

This was when Uncle was shook out of the hypnotism and urgently stepped on the brakes, reversed the cab and made a U-turn. Uncle drove the cab out of that scary lane and the nightmare stopped.

That was a close call. If Uncle had continued driving, I do not know what will happen to me in my dream.

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