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Hotel Possession

I was on one of the flights to Rome via Zürich and saw the friend of mine having his partner on board the flight. I thought this is so sweet going for working trip got partner take leave just to follow. One of my friend than interjected – “its not following it’s keeping company in case it happen again”

Wondering what ‘happened” in the previous trip I inquired deeper. It was then i was told that in Rome, the hotel that we are staying in the previous trip he got possessed by an evil spirit.

In the last trip, the moment he walked into the hotel room it was like he became insane and started shouting and losing control of his body movements. Another friend came over to control him so he don’t hurt himself but unable to hold him down and soon a few others came to pin him and one of the Christian friend started praying for him and he suddenly woke up. He didn’t even recall a single thing on what happened to him.

I know the victim and approached him to verify everything. It was indeed true, it gave me some shivers when i checked into the same hotel.

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