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South Buona Vista Road

This story was told to be by my best friend. It happened to his mother back in 1995. He told me the story the day after it happened.

Mrs H. was driving home after a company dinner. She drove down West coast highway (west bound) and then turned into S. Buona Vista Road heading up towards NUS AYE and onwards to Clementi.

She was always a careful driver and don’t drink alcohol on this particular night. There was one car behind her car while she was driving on that road.

Mrs H had driven that way many times and knows that there are some “dangerous” bends. however, this was going to be the first time she drove this road pass midnight.

At one of the hard bend closer to the top about 3/4 way up the road, suddenly a lady appeared in the middle of her lane. She hit the brakes but it was too late. She drove right into her and it when under the car. Now she was not sure if she just appeared or jumped on to the road from the bushes. Anyhow, she stopped the car as it was an accident scene. The car that was behind her car also stopped after witnessing the accident too. Mrs. H was very shaken at the point and she was just sitting in her seat. The driver of the car behind, walked up to her with a big torch and help her get out of the car. They both saw what happened but what was more interesting was that they cannot find this “lady” under Mrs H’s car or anywhere along the road. Even though they both saw the “lady” went under the car.
At this point they were both spooked out and understood what had happen. They exchange HP numbers in case needed for a police report and quickly drove off.

Mrs H. did make a Police report but the Police could not find a scratch on here front bumper nor anyone or anything at the reported area. In the end, some kind old Police sergeant told her to try and forget about it, cos that road is very “dirty” and ask here to go to her church or temple for some cleansing.

Later my dad also told me that that road is a scene for many accidents some involving deaths over the years.

So motorist please drive carefully.

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