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Unforgettable Nightmare

I had to attend a BiroTatanegara which is a must in Malaysia when i was in my final year in my university in 1996. It was like a PLKN where you are trained like a soldier. Together with about 50 others we were stationed at a Camp in Kulim Kedah for a 5 days 4 nights camp. So, for the 4 nights nothing spooky happened though the place was quite eerie.

I guess all camps are spooky and have their own hauntings stories. Back to my story, it was my last day before we head back home. Early morning about 7 am we were sent for jungle trekking. There were 17 persons in my groups. We wandered in the jungle and was equipped with one compass to find way out. It took us about 1 to finally find the way out and it was an exit through a Chinese cemetery which means we must walked pass the cemetery to get out from the jungle. Being the naughty me, I examined the cemetery one by one. I just merely looked at the cemetery stone (i don’t know what u call it)without marking any comments until I reached a last cemetery stone. It was belonged to a young man. So, I told my friend like this “Hey, this guy is quite handsome. Pity him die so young”. My friend just laughed.I also laughed.

We went back the same day around 12 pm.I reached home around 7 pm, took my bath and dozed off.It was around 10 pm and I was half asleep when suddenly felt like someone lying on top of me. I was like choking and could not breathe. I tried to wake up but could not move a muscle. When I tried to say some prayer suddenly the man who was lying on top of me shows himself. It was a guy from the cemetery!!He looked furious every time I tried to say my prayer. At that time, I can see he was wearing red Chinese costume with a hat. I was trying hard to say my prayer but it seemed that I could not open my mouth. The Chinese guy looked more furious by every minutes and the moment he was reaching for sword behind his back I finally managed to say my prayer. “Allahu Akbar” (God Almighty). He suddenly disappeared. I rushed outside and sat on the sofa, crying my heart out. My parents was not home. Needless to say, I had fever for few days.

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