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Spirit Of The Glass

Fourth year and It is 1 week before our graduation when me and my classmates decided to do spirit of the glass.One of my classmate have been doing this several times and she knows a latin prayer to start the game.

We held the game in a vacant house in our subdivision,its tuesday i think so its safe to do that coz accdg to my classmate dont ever do the game when it is wednesday and friday.

At the beginning she pray 3 Hail Mary without an Amen and then she said “spirit of the glass are you in?”..suddenly the glass move and said “yes” and after that a big blow of wind closed the window and door of the room.we were very scared at that time but according to my classmate we must not leave the room until we are finish coz when you start the game you have to finished it no matter what happened coz the spirit will get angry or else you will get karma.I closely look at the glass if someone was pushing it to the letters but i see the fingers of my classmates it was half an inch far from the glass.It my first to experience that and to tell you frankly i really dont believe in my friends said “just for you to believe ask a question that you yourself is the only one that knows the answer,” so to my peace of mind i ask “who is my crush inside the classroom?” (its been a secret for 2 years) and guess what the glass spelled it out the name and it was correct…

My other classmate ask a question and the glass answered it all correctly.The spirit inside the glass is a child who were killed by her yaya and just thrown away in the middle of the field.

The last part of the game is when we us our future to the spirit i ask four questions:
1.will i finish college? “yes”
2.what is my first course in college?”computer programming”
3.who is the one who will support me in college? “tita b”
4.will i ever see him again?”yes”
5.if ever i travel what country will it be?”japan” he the one for me?”yes”

and guess what 3 of that have happened already and 1 is now happening.The last two not yet.

After the game we uttered a prayer for the spirit and thank her.That experience help me realize several things and help me made my decisions.We were four doing spirit of the glass and the last time i saw them was after our graduation…Guyz! here our story!

Pls!pls!pls! do not do this!!!

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