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Afternoon Nap Went Wrong

Hi. I’ve not seen any ghost in my entire life and i do not wish see any though. In this story that i’m sharing, i still did see any ghost, but i will never forget this encuonter.

After studying for hours, I decided to take a nap. Halfway during my sleep, I felt someone crossing over me while I was sleeping. Do you know the kinda feeling when someone sits on your bed and you can feel the pressure when the bed â?~sinksâ?T down? I thought that was my cousin. To give you a background, my cousin (7 yrs old) usually comes to stay over at my house on sat and sun because her mumâ?Ts busy. So my mum will take care of her.

And every morning without fail when she woke up, she will crawl into my bed and sleeps with me because my mum will be out and sheâ?Ts scared to sleep alone. (my cousin sleeps with my mum).

Back to the story, sub-consciously while I was sleeping, I thought it was my cousin so I closed my eyes to sleep again. THEN I realised today was TUESDAY and my cousin shouldnâ?Tt be around. So who was that? Immediately, I tried to get up but I felt something holding me down. As I am a christian, my pastor taught us some prayers before to cast out devil, so I said some prayers and after 5 mins, Iâ?Tm able to move again. I dashed out of my room to stay in the living room. Iâ?Tm so scared because Iâ?Tm alone at home. So, I switched on the tv, open the house door, open the windows, to stop me from imagining things.

When my mum came back, I told her about what happened, but she doesnâ?Tt believe me and claimed that I was too tired. But still, I believe Iâ?Tm not seeing things. Believe it or not, itâ?Ts up to you. From then onwards, I donâ?Tt ever dare to take an afternoon nap when Iâ?Tm alone at home anymore for fear the same thing happened againâ?

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