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She Can See Spirits

My cousin can see spirits.She is now being warded in IMH. These are what she saw and had told me about it during different time when I was with her.

1.A spirit of a Chinese lady in her late 40s standing behind me,in my flat.
2.A shadow of a man who jumps from the 5th floor to the ground floor and walk away.
3.Someone who looks just like my mother standing beside my mother in the kitchen,smiling.(penunggu)
4.Floating heads among the trees along Changi beach.(presumably the spirits of those who were being massacred by the Japanese).
5.Two mysterious naked black boys at the corridor jumping up and down at the window trying to get a look inside her flat in Towner Road(probably the spirits of two Indian boys who fell and drown into a sewage hole before the flat was built)
6.A young Chinese lady with multiple stab wounds in the stomach standing inside the lift with one eyed close(the other eye was looking up), at her friend place in Bedok.(probably the spirit of a rape and murder victim at that block,which happens back in the 1980s)
7.The upper half body of an Indian man with smashed face floating by in Serangoon Road in broad daylight(spirits of an accident victim).
8.A legless Chinese old man with blood stained shirt standing at Clementi MRT station.
9.A pale Malay boy wearing a songkok and wearing an old fashion school uniform standing at an old playground compound around Farrer Park area.
10.A spirit of Chinese lady with bruises around her neck and wearing a sexy red dress smoking inside City Plaza in front of the security guard.(And people walked ‘through’ her because no one could actually see her).
11.A spirit of a man at East Coast beach waving his hands and struggle in the water as though trying to get people attention to come and ‘rescue’ him.
12.A very pretty Malay lady squatting at a nearby tree branch who kept beckoning my cousin to jump down from her flat. She had been doing that for a long long time since my cousin was a small kid, my cousin is used to it already.
13.A headless man in leather jacket wandering around a road somewhere near Newton Hawker Centre seems to be looking for something.

There are too many to be listed and I cant remember everything she told me.
My cousin explained to me that these spirits are restless souls of people who died wrre being murdered, died suddenly/violently or committed suicide. They are dressed in the exact same clothes when they died, and also they appeared in exactly the same way as they are when their life was taken out from them.
Some appeared as a piece of flesh or disembodied limbs and head because maybe their bodies were cut to pieces or had been ran over by a lorry.
They could not talk to each other among themselves. They could only see what they want to see.
So it is not surprising when they are always roaming around the place they used to die.
Most of them are unhappy and could not accept their death so they tend to lure other living people to suffer the same fate as them because they are lonely.
When the times come they will dissapear and go off to the next world.
May God Have Mercy On Their Souls…

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