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Girl Washing Car

This incident happened in one of the multi storey carpark in Punggol that happened to one of his friend.

One of his friend, Alvin (not his real name), has the habit of washing his car during the wee hours around 11pm to 1am after he finished his work or errands. (Actually, I have this habit of washing my car at night too……..)

One night as usual, he went to his favorite spot to wash his car. While he was washing his car, he noticed a lady was also washing her car at the other end of the car park. From the distance, he also noticed that the color of the car is also very unique, it is gold in color. At that point of time, Alvin only wanted to quickly finished up the washing of his car as he needs to rush back home to catch a TV show and therefore, he continued with the washing.

After he finished washing his car, the lady was already gone. A sudden thought came into his mind that he wanted to take a look at the unique gold color car which he had never see before. He walked swiftly towards the direction of the gold car and to his horror……….it was a car made of paper… He was so frightened and rooted then. Only after a few seconds, he plucked his feet off the ground and ran as fast as he could to his car and sped home…

Since then, he never washed his car during the night already especially if he is alone.

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