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My friends and I

Me and my group of friend really like to explore around Singapore especially at night.

On the 1st Jan 2006, we decided to go to the Lim Chu Kang area to explore! Therefore, 3 guys (including me) & 3 girls squeezed into my car and there we headed to Sungei Gedong.

We were kind of scared and excited at the same time. I guessed that was the thrill that we wanted then.

We reached Sungei Boloh around 12.30am. The place was really dark and spooky at night. While I was driving across a “break water” that separated the fresh and sea water, my friend who was the right passenger pointed to us that did you see a person riding a bicycle across the junction in-front. Immediately, I replied “Where” and my friend was point from right to left as though there was really someone travelling on a bicycle. I was a little stunned and replied “No…., How can I not seeing someone as I was the driver then??? I should be more attentive then anyone else..”. There was a silence in the car and I just joked and said “You must be tired, dude”

We carried on with our “journey” and I had to stop by the road side under a street lamp to check for direction. Out of sudden, the street lamp just went off… and the some girls were actually freaking out so I quickly drove to the next street lamp and stop by again to check on my street directory…

After driving around the place for some time and we still could not get to where we wanted to go, one of my friend suggested “Why don’t we just go the Lim Chu Kang’s cemetery?”. Being “fun and exciting”, we all agreed.

Upon reaching the entrance of the cemetery, one of the girls had already fallen asleep. I drove very slowly into the cemetery as the road was really dark and narrow. We can see lots of tombstone by the side of the road while I was driving in with my car’s headlight and fog-light on. Pictures of the decease shimmering when my car’s headlight shined on them.. Everyone stood still and quiet while I was driving in deeper and deeper into the cemetery area..

Suddenly, the girl who was asleep mummered “Can we go back now?” and the 2 others girls in the instantly agreed, that we should go back as it was really scary. As the road was really narrow, I had to reverse all the way back to the entrance.

After we were of the cemetery area, I asked the girl who was asleep then, “Why do you want us to go back?”. She replied “When I am asleep, I feel that there are a lot of people watching us outside of our car and I don’t even know that we have reached and went into the cemetery……….” and it immediately sent a shiver down our spine.

What a way to celebrate our new year!

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