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Haunted OverHead Bridge

It happened years ago when there was still a GV cinema at Eastpoint Mall, Simei.

My buddies and I were watching a midnight movie at Eastpoint and the show ended around 3am. I live very near Eastpoint (in Tampines) and it’s just a 10 minutes walk home. On our way we have to cross an overhead bridge over the PIE expressway to reach home. This particular bridge is not one of those with steps. It is made of multiple slopes that allow bicycles to be pushed up. It is winding and takes much longer to cross than a normal overhead bridge.

As my wife (then my gf) and I were walking up the bridge, my wife noticed 2 girls dressed in white on top of the bridge coming down towards our direction. She described them as dressed in all white modern day clothing. They were not talking to each other just walking down quietly. She also said she felt something eerie about the 2 girls.

As we reached the top of the bridge, she suddenly realized that while we were walking up, we did not intercept with the 2 girls. She tried to look at the other direction going down but they were not there either. They just disappeared completely!

She did not tell me about what happened until we reached home safely, and it immediately sent a shiver down my spine. Till today, I do not walk the bridge alone after midnight.

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