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Third Eye At Admiralty Park

I have this female friend called Sue. I believed she has this “third eye”. Most people believed that if you have “third eye” you will see a lot of things. When i say a lot, i really mean A LOT. I refused to believed this “third eye” thingy until this happened. And mind you, this is not the only incident i had with her.

Sue was going out with one of my close friend called Mike. We love to ride our motorbikes with our group of friends almost every weekend. One Saturday, after catching a movie in town we decided to chat somewhere. We decided on Admiralty Park as one of our friend namely Ah Fatt stayed nearby. We chose that park out of pity for Ah Fatt cos’ he is the only one in the group riding a small bike and we thought sending him home after that as most of us is staying in the EAST.

In the group, my friend’s super noisy/kaypoh/pregnant wife was there too.We don’t really like her. In nature she is already LOUD and a Kaypoh plus now that she is pregnant, she gets worst and likes to tag along. While we were settling down at the park, i noticed that Sue was looking uneasy and Mike was consoling her. Mike knew about her “ability” as they have been dating since secondary 2. I approached them and asked them whether everything was okay. Mike said fine. Sue refused to sit with us. At one time, she was covering her face with her hands and started to cry. A few of us saw her reaction but ignored. Mike then approached us…

“Hey guys, so sorry but i think we gotta go NOW !”

Sensing something was wrong, me and a few others put on our helmets and proceed to our bikes. Then the noisy pregnant woman shouted..

“Hey !! We just got here and you wanna go??” I’m pregnant and i am tired you know!”

Then Mike replied..

“If you know you’re pregnant why did you tag along..just stay home lah !” If you don’t want anything to happen to your baby and you, we go NOW !”

All of us were stunned when Mike said that. We start our bikes and go.

This was what actually happened…

The moment we reached the park Sue saw a “small boy” standing near the carpark as if waiting for us. While we were sitting down and chatting at the park’s bench, the “small boy” was loitering among us. Sue looked uneasy cos’ the “boy” was among us and that is why she refused to sit with us. Assuming that the “boy” won’t be there for long she and Mike sat at another bench. But she was know why Sue was covering her face and started to cry?? Cos’ the “boy” was sniffing that pregnant woman tummy and his “family” was waiting somewhere nearby and Sue saw them. This group of family consisted of that mostly mentioned “lady in white” which the Malays called Pontianak. Pontianak was said to like to follow pregnant women. This was the belief from the old days but people still believe them up till now. When we rode off..the “boy” followed us but then he disappeared. We were lucky for Sue that night, if not for her something horrible would have happened. Sue told us what happened and we freaked out that pregnant woman jaw dropped and refused to tag along anymore.

It was quite creepy imagining how that “boy” was sniffing the pregnant woman’s tummy and his “family” was lurking somewhere nearby. We still rode with Mike and Sue after this incident and got to experienced more “things” with them.

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