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My Grandma

My grandmother passed away about 2 years ago.. she passed away due to heart failure.. (by the way we have family history of heart failure same goes to my late father)she passed away in a peaceful manner, she also choose a correct time whereby all family members is on leave.

Soon after she passed away we did for her Hainanese ritual for her. So same as other customs we need to the the first seven days and etc.. so on the first seven day elder believe that their soul will come back to bid goodbye to their loves one..

As i told u guys the previous story i have some special ability.. so.. hmm no need to say.. on the 7th day of her death days.. you ask me whether she comes back yes.

My auntie came with the idea.. she put lots of flour on the floor see got any footsteps.. and i am to sleep at her room.. so see i can see her or not?? gosh why always me??

So up to no choice.. i go to her room and sleep.. So that night we go to bed before 12am (they believe the soul come back by 12am). I was too tired so i fell asleep.. after awhile somewhere at 12 plus to 1.. i heard something like a metal chain dragging into the house.. i was suddenly awake by the sounds.. i was wondering how come at this hour there is this kind of sounds?? i was too scare i cover myself and pretend i didn’t hear tat..

I sense something came into the room.. when i saw my grandmother looking at me.. and she left.. i was like.. feel want to cry but they saw no matter what when u see your loves one never cry or not they will not bear to leave the place..

So i tolerate.. i continue hearing the chain sound.. till some where 2plus and its gone.. i just continue lying on bed and i fall asleep.. i dreamt of my grandmother bidding her last goodbye and tell me to take care.. i was like..

Till the morning when i woke up i went out the room i saw foot prints which mean yesterday is not an illusion is real..

I told my dad and mum abt this they was like speechless.. and sad…

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