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Ghost Hill

This happened to me and my family when visiting our grandmother in Malaysia. My grandma lives alone in house at a hill. (Sorry for my bad english) Alone! Imagine living alone in the only house at a hill. Creepy….So, my parents and me was unpacking our things when we heard a whistle. My parents thought that it might be the work of some youngsters trying to scare us. But, the whistle was different. Like a high-pitched one, which no human can do. I went to see what was that through the window.

It was all dark because my grandma’s house was surrounded by a forest. I saw a white figure sitting at the branch of a tree 100 meters away from the window, and it looked like a man wearing a hat . I dismissed the thought with the reason that I might be tired because I and my family arrived there at 2 in the morning. So I went to sleep. The next day, at night, I and my family with my grandma was having dinner. That night, I and my dad ate too much that we almost can’t move! After a few minutes, the feeling of cannot moving is gone but the fullness in the stomach still there, so my dad and I decided to take a walk at the forest, breath fresh air. My mum stayed with my grandma to accompany my grandma.

As I and my dad took our first step into the forest, we felt a very chilling breeze that made my mouth go giggling like a grinder machine. After walking for 15 minutes into the forest, my dad suggested to go back to grandma’s house for he sensed something very wrong with the forest. My dad, being a Chinese, is a very spiritual guy. He have the power to ward off ghosts. He ask me to walk faster so I quickened my walking speed, and so do my dad. Halfway along the way, I saw a circular white thing, like a orb. I said to my dad “Dad….” and he responded “Yes..I know..” Then the white thing transformed into a human, cannot see the whole body, only white light, but it look like a man. My dad asked me to stay away from him. I did what he said and he did some martial arts move and the white thing followed what he did.

Then my father looked a bit surprised and did some martial arts moves that is hard to follow then he straightened his body and stretched his hand, like pushing something and he is trying very very hard to push something. I don’t know why. Then the white thing was like fading away. When it almost completely fade out, it let out the same high-pitched whistle like I and my family heard yesterday. Then, it disappeared. After that, my father looks so sweaty and wiped his sweat. So I asked him will the thing come back again.He said, no it won’t. When I and my dad arrived at my grandma’s house, we told the whole thing to my mom. She laughed but my grandma didn’t. She said its a common thing hearing those whistles at the night. So the next day, I and my family packed up, said goodbye to my grandma, and departed back. After a week, I made a secret call to my grandma. I asked if she heard the whistling but she said she never heard of the whistling anymore. So, up to you guys if you wanna believe me or not its up to you.

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