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Ghost Of Pulau Ubin

Have you ever heard of TRUE ghosts stories happening in Pulau Ubin?? Well below is a true story told by my friend’s brother (Yang) who used to be in Ncc.

Yang was having a 3-day inter-school camp at Pulau Ubin.

Every night, the cadets would take turns to do sentry duty outside the perimeter of the campsite. The cadet on duty would have to walk around the campsite all alone. As Pulau Ubin is infamous for its ghost stories, thus doing sentry duty alone can be a real challenge especially to the weak hearted ones.

Yang had heard of the ghosts in Pulau Ubin and he wasn’t looking forward to his turn at all. However, he had no choice and when the time came, he boldly walked out of the campsite and started patrolling. To hide his fears, he whistled while he walked.

At one of the corners, he saw a red figure floated past him. He was petrified at the sight but he tried to convince himself it was only a joke played on him by the officers. So, he continued walking until he reached the ending point.

Yang couldn’t get the sight off his mind. So, he asked the officer, “Sir, I saw a red figure float past me just now. Please tell me it was you trying to scare me.”

“What are you talking about? We don’t play this kind of sick joke around here,” the officer replied. “Did you really see a red ‘thing’ floating past?”

“Yyyyyyyeeeesss, I am afraid so, Sir!” Yang trembled as he spoke. The officer told Yang to return back to his tent while he quickly rushed off to the main tent where the officers-in-charge were. A few minutes later, the officers called for an assembly and everyone was told not to loiter around the campsite and all sentry duties had been cancelled.

The next morning, when they broke camp, they had a debrief. The officers told them that what Yang saw was a ghost commonly spotted around the campsite. Yang was scared out of his wits and he became stiff and speechless.

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