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Young and Wild

I have a friend who had moved into a new house at Puchong recently. It was a nice and comfortable house. Nevertheless, he and his family had company in the house that scared them so much they dare not sleep at night. Many unexplained phenomena happened in the house and they would sometimes hear eerie voices all around the house.

At the peak of things, his sister’s teddy bear starting moving and was running around the house. This scared everyone a lot but my friend gathered enough courage to grab the teddy bear and throw it out of the house. They locked the door immediately.

On the very next night, my friend’s mother saw a girl in white outside the house. She has a lovely but forlorn look on her face. She stood outside for a while before she started calling out for my friend’s mother. She kept asking her to go out but she was wary of the girl. Furthermore, it was strange that the girl would be wandering around the street at this hour. She turned away for a while and the girl just disappeared afterwards.

I have a friend who is an Indian medium (Let’s call him Muthu). I would follow him sometimes on his ghost hunting trips and I’ve seen and heard about various haunting cases. So, Muthu and I eventually went to this house.

As usual, Muthu asked for a bowl of clean water and added some lime into it. Then, he looked into the bowl and after a while, told us that the house is haunted by the spirit of a young girl. He said the girl was gang raped and she committed suicide after the incident. Her restless spirit has been disturbing the neighbourhood and particularly at my friend’s house.

Muthu then did what he was there for. He called upon the spirit and puts it into a bottle. Accordingly, he took it away and gave the girl a proper burial. No more disturbances were reported in the house after that night.

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