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A Mystery Man

It happened to me and two of my colleagues from Singapore in April 1988 at the carpark of an office building in KL. We were working at an exhibition in PWTC and decided to go to a fast-food restaurant at that office building basement for dinner one evening. I drove and parked in the underground car park. After eating, around 9-ish, we couldn’t get out as all the exit barriers were down and unattended.

After rounding for a while and getting worried (that time no cell phones) we saw a black Volvo coming down a ramp and drove towards it. We were so relieved. The guy came out of his car and after telling him about our predicament, he offered me his access card, and said he will follow me out to get it back. I reached out to take it but my colleague who is Muslim grabbed my hand and shouted at me to not take it. The man stepped away and went back to his car. My colleague’s face was totally white as I and our other colleague argued with her. We then watched the man got into his car and drove straight into the wall in front of us! The colleague in the back seat screamed and fainted. The colleague who warned me said her prayers. I must have screamed as well and had an accident in my pants.

I can’t remember how long it took me to recover from shock but we finally found a guard who let us out. The colleague who fainted was ill for two weeks and never came back to the exhibition. All 3 of us never discussed the incident, not once. Till today, I don’t know how my colleague knew and don’t want to ask.

When I got around to sharing the experience about 10 years later, some say the guy may have been a spirit guarding the place. Who really knows. I have never been back to that building. Stay away from Volvo cars and still get the creeps when I see a black one.

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