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Fly Off Into Night

When I was 8, I was only child, and being just a kid always taunted by older kids about ghosts and stuff it makes it hard to sleep in my own room, mind you. I wasn’t not the only person being teased. It was just the way it was and soon it’ll be me doing the scaring.

Anyhow, I slept in same room with dad, it was about 1.00am and I was watching TV. Dad is pretty cool with me staying up, he lets me do whatever. Dad woke up and told me to turn off the TV, but as per normal I’d beg to stay up, he said turn it off and be quiet. For a moment after the TV was off I just sat there waiting. “Can you hear that? dad asked,

“Hear what? I said,… then I listened carefully and from our living room which is next to the foyer which is next to our room, I can hear a woman crying! I almost jumped of my skin. I jumped into bed with dad, curled up into a ball and completely under the blankets sealing off any gaps or pockets of air scared stiff!

Dad asked if I can hear it again, OF COURSE! It’s not like I I felt like being a cocoon. The crying went on for ages, dad said it was an upset ghost or something, he’s had lot’s of experiences. I eventually fell asleep sweating.

That night I dreamed of gremlins chasing me up a fence in school, then I woke up in a fright, I was screaming out to my dad trying to tell him about it but he hushed me telling me to be queit and listen. I refused and he was adamant, so I listened, sure enough the lady ghost was still crying. That cocoon I once again became and this time it’s 4.00am and still on going.

Dad went out to check what it was with a cleaver, not that a cleaver and ghosts is relevant, but he did… he came back and told me that he heard a sound of a roost crow and fly away… that was the end of that.

This story may not be elaborate and twisted, but it’s scary to me cos it happened…

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