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White Lady Walking

One night, my brothers, our neighbors and I decided to get together at my house and watch the Japanese version of ‘The Ring’. After the movie, our neighbors were too creeped out to go back home alone, even though their house was only a few blocks away, so they asked me and my brothers to come and accompany them.

We were on the way, discussing the finer points of the movie (read: the SCARIER parts). To get to their house from my house, you would have to pass through a rather dark ‘passageway’. My guy cousin who was in the lead entered this passage, when he suddenly turned back and ran into the house, leaving me in the lead now. (No, we were not walking single file. That would be too lame. It was sort of a disorganized line.)

I was muttering to myself, thinking what a wimp he was, leaving a girl like me to face the darkness, when I saw…HER. A woman in white with long loose black hair was walking slowly down the passage towards our little group! To my shocked eyes, she looked exactly like Sadako from ‘The Ring’! It was too dark to her face clearly, not that I tried to! Screaming, I ran back to the house, only to bang straight into the others, who were still talking about the movie.

Frantically disentangling myself from them, I just pointed in the direction of the woman before running back to the house myself. One by one, the others went to look and one by one, they ran back to the house screaming.

Boy, were my parents mad! Just imagine about 6 teenagers all about 14-18 years old running screaming into your ghost, gibbering something about a ghost woman at about one in the morning! We got scolded really bad that night.

Oh, and the ghost? It turns out that she was actually my neighbor’s maid sent by their parents to fetch them home. She was pretty hurt, as you can imagine, ha-ha. Just goes to show that you should always be careful when you think you see a ghost. It could have a perfectly reasonable explanation.

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