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The Marathon Man

This story was told to me by a friend a few years back. It happened in Kuala Lumpur and the story was as follows….

It is said that, some people possess the ability to see things from the “other world”. It is true in this story in which I am about to tell where the female does have the this perception.

It so happened that this female and her boyfriend were on their way to a local disco in town and they were travelling along the Federal Highway. They talked and joked as they travelled along when suddenly, a car whizzed past them. Being a teenager with a passion for street racing, the boyfriend wanted to give chase but was stopped by his girlfriend’s stern warning. His girlfriend told him to do as she said and that she would explain later. Therefore, the boyfriend did as he was told.

Further along the highway, the couple noticed there was a big crowd ahead and a traffic jam. They later found out that the jam and the crowd was caused by an accident involving the car that had whizzed passed them just moments ago. The car was smashed and the driver lay dead on the highway. Upon seeing this, the boyfriend was thankful that his girlfriend talked him out of giving chase.

It was only much later that the boyfriend brought the matter up. The boyfriend was curious to know why his girlfriend did not want him to race that night for it was not typical of his girlfriend. The girl then told him that as the car whizzed by, she saw an elderly man running behind the car by FOOT! It was then that she knew something was wrong thus she told him not to give chase. She also saw the elderly man at the crash site smiling at her as they passed by.

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