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A House To Remember

This happened 4 years back.. just thinking about it gives me the shiver.. okay, i was 10 then, but i remember it clearly. before moving to this house I’m living in right now, i lived in a real actual haunted house.. at least i think so. the haunted house was in Lembah Keramat, KL.

What made me believe the house was haunted is that sometimes, when the whole family goes out to dinner or whatsoever, we always leave all the lights in the house off.. but when we came back home, my room, my brother’s and my parent’s room lights were bright on! we didn’t think about ghost at that time.. sure, we check other possibilities first like probably a burglar or someone came in the house.. but when dad and my brothers checked, there was no sign of breaking in, and nothing was gone.. except that some stuffs were moved around.. like plates and spoons from the kitchen were on my bed, towels and clothes from my parents room were in a basin in the toilet.. talk about WEIRD.

Once, it was in bulan puasa..(ramadhan).. my sister told this story.. she was still a little girl and mom wouldn’t let her to fast.. so usually every morning when its time to ‘sahur’, mom wouldn’t wake my sister up.. but one morning, my sister were startled out of her sleep by somebody’s voice calling her.. it was a lady’s voice, u know.. sweet, gentle and all.. but something wasn’t quite right.. her voice sounded as if she were in a box or something..out of grogginess from sleep, my sister assumed it was my mother, calling from downstairs (the kitchen)..annie(thats her name) stumbled off her bed and sleepily went downstairs but instead of seeing my mother and the rest of the family ready to eat as she expected, the whole place was pitch black! not a single light was on.. she could only make a faint light out of the microwave. and unmistakably, the sound of someone or something cooking, the pots and pans clanking and all.. and the microwave was on with nothing in it! God, my sister was scared out of her mind, she screamed like Hell and ran up the stairs to her room and slammed the door.

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